L O T D # 912 “I AM THE QUEEN!”

General Info

Head: LeLUTKA Briannon Head 3.0


Head Skin (BoM Friendly): KOONZ – Brianna Collection @ The Dubai Event

Body Skin (BoM Friendly): VELOUR: The “Ipanema Body” for Kupra (MALI)

Body Glitter: [Cynful] Stripper Body Dust

Backdrop: Black Ladies Hall RARE – Dark Vision – The Bearded Guy @ The Black Fair Event (From July 12th, 2021 to July 30th, 2021)

Outfit 1

Hair: : Puft : Bass N Treble Lights

Hairbase: HAIRBASES – lel EvoX BOM

Eyeshadow (Appliers): LW. BE STRONG (LELU EVO) EYESHADOW TONE 01

Lippie (Appliers): LUXREBEL ” GLOSS FOREVER ” Lipgloss [lel EVO X] Light

Earrings: YORKE– Chaki Earrings FATPACK

Choker: VALUXIA – Chantal Body Jewel Set (KUPRA)

Cape: Rosary. Aleena __ Cape Aztec

Bra/Skirt: Rosary. Aleena __ Set Aztec

Outfit 2

Hair: : Puft : Clef Lights

Lippie (Appliers): KOONZ – Yummy Lips [LeLutka EvoX]

Earrings: [LX] Aztec Hoops Gold

Large Nose Ring: Zaara : Shairi nosering

Choker: -David Heather-Choker 1/Gold

Top Collarbone Piercings: Cynful Mina Piercing – Collarbone

Bottom Collarbone Piercings: Mellow / Dermals / Collarbone

Arm Piercings: Cynful Mina Piercing – Arms

Staff: Ankh Staff by Talevin’s Designs

Jumpsuit: Rosary. Kyra __ Kente

Outfit 3

Hair: DOUX – Joya hairstyle

Lippie (Appliers): Purple Beauty – Hot Girl Gloss Collection (Lelutka EVO)

Earrings: YORKE– Celine Earrings (FATPACK)

Large Nose Ring: Zaara : Shairi nosering

Harness Necklace: VALUXIA – Sadia Harness (Kupra)

Armlets: VALUXIA – Chantal Body Jewel Set (KUPRA)

Watch: Nov-Santora Patek Watch (G)

Orbs: FATPACK Dual Magical Orbs + {egosumaii}

Back Halo: +Dreamcatcher+ Halo with gems

Golden Halo: LUX AETERNA [The Throne’s Halo] (Sorry, Not Available.)

Body Outline: Messy. Kupra Celshade/Outline

Dress: .Q. Elegance -FATPACK- [Freya,HG,Legacy,eBody,Kupra]

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